Join the Angel Trail

Join the Angel Trail

Christmas is going to be a little different this year, and we’d love to light up the neighbourhood and create a sense of community, in these difficult times.

Join in by making & displaying an angel and then email us so we can add it to a neighbourhood map.

YOU CAN draw, collage, paint, knit,  junk model, cut-out, crochet (or  anything else!) an angel to go in your  window or front garden. You could also make a display out of angel Christmas Decorations. Don’t worry  about being an artist – just have fun!  

The bigger the better so it is easily seen! Email your address by 5pm Saturday 19th December so we can  add it to a map (we won’t include your name): 

The map will be available to download  from our website from 5pm Sunday 20th December. There will also be a  link for you to vote for your best  Angels. 

We hope that by displaying angels over christmas it’ll not only spread some festive cheer and be fun for little ones …. but also may serve as a reminder there is hope and light in the darkness for someone who is lonely this season.