Children & youth ministry support worker

Role Description
If you are interested please contact: Rev Ed in the first instance. (mob: 07572 322011)

To support our lead children’s and youth worker in setting up, running and packing away at the various groups. You would not need to prepare anything beforehand. Each group will have a different emphasis and slightly different needs. The role is for term-time only and there is a trial period of three-months initially. These groups will involve talking with the children and youth, enabling & encouraging them to be involved in the activities and conversations (and hopefully having lots of fun in the process!). As these groups are Christian in nature, you will be expected to help with communicating the group’s key teaching whilst in the supporting role, so there is an occupational requirement that you will be a Christian yourself.

Lightbringers –        Thursdays 3pm – 5.30pm A Primary aged afterschool club. The focus is on encouraging the children to join in the various games, activities and songs!

Tiddlywinks –          Fridays  9.30am – 11.30am – Parent & toddler group. After the set-up the focus is on welcoming the families, ensuring they have a good time and helping with the practicalities of the group.

The Base –                Fridays  7pm – 9pm – Youth group This group requires some setting up and packing down, but also involves getting to know the youth (through conversation, games etc) and praying with them. It also includes a free meal every two weeks!

Junior Church –     Sunday 10.30am – 12pm.  This aspect is occasional and based on the occasions we have more groups (currently twice a month). This will involve helping in the children’s groups during the 10.45am Sunday service. Groups are mostly primary age range, though there is one small group of secondary age. The role will be to support the leaders.

This work can be divided up so that you only do some or all of the sessions. There are 6-8 hours/week in total available.

This work is casual and term-time only and would be paid at the rate of £11/hour.